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Give someone a gift experience with a luxurious home fragrance or a refined fragrance spray from Jambo… A unique gift for others, or for yourself!

Welcome, Jambo!

‘Jambo’ is Swahili for ‘Hello!’ It is used as a greeting to warmly welcome someone. We are also happy to see you found your way to our website. Welcome to Jambo!


Luxurious eye catcher with a unique scent. 

Smell is our most refined and profound sense. Smells determine 75% of our emotions. That is a lot, isn’t it? That is why it is so important to have a unique, fitting fragrance in the room. One that tickles your senses, that evokes lively memories, that gets you dreaming or thinking… Basically, a scent that gives you a pleasant and enjoyable feeling.


Jambo’s authentic fragrances take you on a journey around the world.Our product lines are inspired by distant and exotic places with names that capture the imagination. The products combine an intense fragrance experience with an aesthetic luxurious object that adds value to the room it is in. In a place that you have designed with taste and care, a delightful fragrance should go with it, right? A luxurious home fragrance a delightfull scented candle or a refined home spray give you an exotic ’feel good vibe’, like being on holiday. Except you do not have to travel thousands of kilometers to get there: you can also have it in your own cosy home with Jambo!


Sustainable and Artisan Art

Jambo ensures a perfect harmony of smells and experiences. From natural fragrances that create a warm, cosy atmosphere with decorative objects that really suit the interior. We get our inspiration from all corners of the world. We develop fragrances with renowned perfumers in the city of Grasse in the South of France, the epicentre of fragrance production. Together, we look for the right ingredients and elements to create luxurious fragrances with a unique character. Because making a great fragrance is a real work of art!

The rest of Jambo’s fragrances production and development happens in Belgium, with top-class players in our own country. We consciously call upon local craftspeople that have mastered their profession right down to the last detail, which results in a unique and exclusive product that you really want to have in your home! We are proud of our 100% Belgian story, especially in times when local and/or artisan production is increasingly valued.


Jambo ecological... yes, of course!

At Jambo, we work with natural raw materials and supplies as much as possible because we want to look after the environment, now more than ever. The lids on the diffusers are made out of wood, unlike any other home fragrance. For the bottles we use Italian design glass and for the fragrance sticks, we use top quality rattan from Indonesia. There are refill bottles available for home fragrances and all packaging is made out of recycled material, except the nozzles and tubes in the home sprays. We aim to use as little plastic as possible to remain sustainable and ecological.

For each bottle of our home fragrances and home sprays purchased, a beautiful, strong tree is planted in the Sahel. The organisation Entrepreneurs Without Borders (Ondernemers Zonder Grenzen, OZG) brings life and prosperity back into areas that are seriously affected by deforestation and desertification. Jambo would like to offer a helping hand as compensation for the wood that we use for the lids on our bottles.