1.     Complaints shall be made in writing by registered mail within 8 days after invoicing. Jambo Collections does not accept any return of goods except after approval by Jambo Collections.

2.   Our prices are not binding and are subject to changes in function of and depending upon the official catalogue prices of our suppliers.

3.   All invoices are payable upon receipt in Brugge. Sending the invoice equals a reminder to pay the invoice on due date. Bills of exchange or letters of credit do not change this.

4.   In case of non-payment on the appointed due date, an interest will be charged, by law and without reminder, at the rate of 1% per calendar month on the value of the invoice (asanexceptionofarticle1146oftheBelgianCivil Code).

5.   In case of partial or complete non-payment of the invoice on the appointed due date and after formal notice without response, the amount due will be increased by law and without reminder by 15% with a minimum of € 100,00 and a maximum of € 2000,00, also if terms of respite are given (articles 1147 - 1152 of the Belgian Civil Code).

6.   These Jambo Collections general conditions of sale prevail against any other purchase conditions on any document of the buyer. Only Jambo Collections general conditions of sale are valid except for explicit and written agreement.

7.   All disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Justice of peace of Brugge and the courts of Brugge.Only the Belgian law is applicable.

8.   The terms of delivery are always approximate and expire in case of force majeur.

9.   Non-payment of an invoice on its due date gives Jambo Collections the right to demand immediate payment of any other invoice and to cancel each current sale, also those of which the goods are not yet delivered. If the Buyer accepts bills of exchange and in case of non-payment of a bill of exchange on its due date, all issued bills of exchange become at once and immediately claimable.

10. The goods remain the property of Jambo Collections until full payment of the invoice.

11. These general conditions are also available in Dutch and French. In case of dispute the Dutch text shall always override.